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World’s best
wireless speaker

SA legend 5 silverback.
Winner of Best Wireless Speaker.

Wij zijn System Audio

een Award-winnende speakermerk uit Denemarken, opgericht in 1984

Wanneer u SA kiest, krijg je niet goedkoop plastic geluid in uw woonkamer. Wat je krijgt, zijn grondig getest luidsprekers met een geweldig geluid.
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SA legend silverback familie

We creëerden een familie van verbazingwekkende digitale speakers
Voor de muziekliefhebber die sublieme muziek ervaringen en een zorgeloos leven met technologie wilt
With SA legend silverback, music lovers get experiences in the very highest quality. It is a family of 100% active speakers that are innovative like no other.
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You need room correction if you want the best sound

Room correction is possibly the biggest upgrade you can make to your music system. After all, great loudspeakers only show their full potential when adapted to the room. Your room and its shape are critical to the sound you hear in it. Furniture, floors and walls reflect and color the sound in the room before […]

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Upgrade your sound with room correction

SA Room Service is a simple and brilliant way to get a fantastic, deep and clean bass in your living room. Owners of the Stereo Hub and SA legend silverback speakers can get incredible bass in their music systems with SA Room Service. It's an App for your iPhone. The app upgrades the sound from […]

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Meer dan 150 testrapporten en prijzen
SA legend 5 silverback

EISA WIRELESS LOUDSPEAKER 2020-2021 System Audio legend 5 silverback Danish company System Audio took an entirely logical approach with the legend 5 silverback speakers: they’re active, with dedicated amplification for each drive unit, and become wireless when you add the full function Stereo Hub or third-party transmitter. Operation using WISA technology to avoid interference and […]

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SA legend 40

"THUMBS UP With their entirely unfatiguing sound, my listening began to resemble a kid at the pick and mix counter, and regardless of track I always found an attribute that made me sit up and pay attention, be it Adele’s mesmeric vocal in ‘Hello’, the foot-tapping rhythm of The Hollies’ ‘Long Cool Woman In A […]

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  • Per BiePer Bie

    Velarrangeret plademesse

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  • MikaelMikael

    Great speakers. Has driven with SA for almost 20 years.
    Love the detail in the sound, even after so many years I have not yet been expected, and can still rejoice over the details in the sound.

    The service and support has always been high from SA when I have needed any advice or questions for a product.
    Can only recommend the product, especially if you are looking for a long lasting solution.

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  • Morten OlsenMorten Olsen
  • John Østergaard MadsenJohn Østergaard Madsen

    Quality and service out of the ordinary

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  • Casper Hjort WilsonCasper Hjort Wilson

    Delicious speakers, made and presented by people who know what good sound is.

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