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SA legend 5 silverback.
Winner of Best Wireless Speaker.

Wij zijn System Audio

een Award-winnende speakermerk uit Denemarken, opgericht in 1984

Wanneer u SA kiest, krijg je niet goedkoop plastic geluid in uw woonkamer. Wat je krijgt, zijn grondig getest luidsprekers met een geweldig geluid.
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SA legend silverback familie

We creëerden een familie van verbazingwekkende digitale speakers
Voor de muziekliefhebber die sublieme muziek ervaringen en een zorgeloos leven met technologie wilt
With SA legend silverback, music lovers get experiences in the very highest quality. It is a family of 100% active speakers that are innovative like no other.
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You need room correction if you want the best sound

Room correction is possibly the biggest upgrade you can make to your music system. After all, great loudspeakers only show their full potential when adapted to the room. Your room and its shape are critical to the sound you hear in it. Furniture, floors and walls reflect and color the sound in the room before […]

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Upgrade your sound with room correction

SA Room Service is a simple and brilliant way to get a fantastic, deep and clean bass in your living room. Owners of the Stereo Hub and SA legend silverback speakers can get incredible bass in their music systems with SA Room Service. It's an App for your iPhone. The app upgrades the sound from […]

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SA legend 5 silverback

EISA WIRELESS LOUDSPEAKER 2020-2021 System Audio legend 5 silverback Danish company System Audio took an entirely logical approach with the legend 5 silverback speakers: they’re active, with dedicated amplification for each drive unit, and become wireless when you add the full function Stereo Hub or third-party transmitter. Operation using WISA technology to avoid interference and […]

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SA legend 40

"THUMBS UP With their entirely unfatiguing sound, my listening began to resemble a kid at the pick and mix counter, and regardless of track I always found an attribute that made me sit up and pay attention, be it Adele’s mesmeric vocal in ‘Hello’, the foot-tapping rhythm of The Hollies’ ‘Long Cool Woman In A […]

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  • Kurt Munk RasmussenKurt Munk Rasmussen

    SA legend 40 silverback !!!
    Så er de testet af ... Verdensklasse !!! ...
    Fra iPhone via Tidal i HIFI / Masterkvalitet.
    Hold nu op ... om Det er Niels Henning Ørsted, Kebmo, klassisk, Beat, sangstemmer, truthorn, ja kom an; så er der vellyd på alle hylder.
    Om det så er den svageste triangel, eller violinstrøg: så hører man det !!!
    Og dejligt at bassen også kan høres ved lav lyttestyrke.
    Dog lidt udfordrende, når man ikke aner hvad Google Home og cromecast og Wifi er. Også at der samtidig med iPhone kører en iPad kan give udfald.
    Men nu kører det :-) Man bliver så knald i låget-glad af vellyd. –
    Og tak til Jakob Jensen for stille og rolig indsigt i systemet. Klasse ! 🙉

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  • Anders Rosenberg NielsenAnders Rosenberg Nielsen

    R blevet den heldige ejer af silverback 60 , hva skal man sige ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ fremragende 😊😊😊

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  • Reto EmmeneggerReto Emmenegger
  • Elvis ChikwatiElvis Chikwati

    Very satisfied with the feedback I got from System Audio Customer Service concerning assistance I had sought regarding my SA speakers. My SA saxo 5 speakers are great btw!

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  • Jan JensenJan Jensen

    Hej system audio jeg har system audio aura 60 som front og 1530 som bag og harman kardon forstærker 265 og det rykker bare men der er gået en enhed det rasler et sted love Jan

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  • Jacob Bach VognsenJacob Bach Vognsen
  • Marco MellaraMarco Mellara
  • Jeanphi NgerdumilieuJeanphi Ngerdumilieu
  • Casper Hjort WilsonCasper Hjort Wilson

    Lækre højttalere, som er lavet og præsenteret af folk, som ved hvad god lyd er.

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  • Christian LøwensprungChristian Løwensprung

    SA brought me the best speakers ever. The Mantra 70, and the mighty Pandion 50. There really isnt much more to say.

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  • Jose Alvaro Bañuelos MorenoJose Alvaro Bañuelos Moreno

    sounstage and detail. they sound good with all my amps, solid or tube

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  • Christos BehamopoulusChristos Behamopoulus

    love the design and sound.

    we've been testing about 10 different pairs of speakers before deciding and stumbled upon the SA Mantra 60 by accident. Our really patient hifi dealer had a last pair out of his showroom and, after listening to PMC, Neat, Dynaudio, B&W, Elac etc., they literally blew us away w. their quickness, sound and general attitude.

    We tested all the speakers w. the same set of albums ranging from Jazz (Herbie Hancock) through Electronica (Massive Attack, Propeller Heads) to Hard Rock / Metal (Rage Against The Machine). The Mantra 60 did them all really really well without sounding "stressed". Given the broad range of music styles they responded amazingly. Only one competitor (in the same price range) came close or even took the lead in the bass section (KEF). However they were dismissed due to their size and space requirement. We chose design over deep base.

    This was about 4 years ago....and since then we enjoy them whenever we can. No matter if Reggae, Rock, Classical, Electronical.....all sounds great as long as the source is of acceptable quality of course. We have them paired with our NAD C326bee which is a great fit....although they could for sure take on a more powerful amp.

    All in all very happy...and maybe one day we'll add a sub to get to the deepest ranges.

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  • Francisco R. Moya-HuffFrancisco R. Moya-Huff

    Excellent soundstage, detailed definition of instruments, good decay of the notes.

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  • Szoboti TamásSzoboti Tamás
  • Espen DeschingtonEspen Deschington

    Jeg fikk SA legend silverback 40 i hus igår. For et par, for en lyd, for en kvalitet. Jeg byttet ut hele mitt stereo til dette og angrer ikke et sekund! Easy setup og easy to use! Tommel opp og 5* fra meg

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  • Luca EmilLuca Emil

    nice sound and power in small cabinet

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  • Urs GrafUrs Graf

    Superdesign mit Superklang ���

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  • Morten OlsenMorten Olsen
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