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New Saxos: We have upgraded the most award-winning speakers on the market

Music lovers should be looking forward to this. The successful saxo family has been upgraded and it’s better than ever before.

A lot of people love saxo because they are created by music lovers. Others like the simple design.

Others just love the great sound and competitive price.

People love saxo for many reasons so we have upgraded them in several ways:

1. The sound is bigger

The music sounds bigger, warmer and more transparent. We have developed a new tweeter. It features a patented DXT acoustic lens that fills the room with sound. We have developed new crossovers that make the sound bigger and warmer

2. The design is more simple

Cabinet surfaces are now in a beautiful satin finish. You just want to touch it. The speakers come in white and black. Front grilles sit with invisible magnets. The design appears super simplistic

3. The durability is even improved

The updated technology increases durability, allowing you to play your saxos through the wildest party for hours and hours.

4. The price has not changed

Our design team managed to upgrade the saxos without raising the price. Great work, if you ask me

SA saxo 1

Small and extremely well-sounding speaker that fits in everywhere. Put it on a shelf or hang it on the wall. SA saxo 1 is immensely musical no matter what kind of music you hear.

SA saxo 5

Sound with muscles. SA saxo 5 presents the music in a delicate and vibrant way. Serve everything from techno to smooth jazz. The SA saxo 5 brings you the music with a playful ease, and it is even easy to set it up and make function correctly.

SA saxo 10

The saxo chameleon. Use SA saxo 10 as the center speaker in your very own home cinema or use it in your music system because you like energetic and great sound. SA saxo 10 performs equally well for both.

SA saxo 30

People who are not listening to music very often should meet SA saxo 30. Music lovers praise this speaker for its ability to involve them in music. You want to hear more when the music sounds as big as this. The sleek design makes it easy to place in the living room.

SA saxo 50

Having a width of just 13 cm, SA saxo 50 is not a big speaker. Only the music experience is. Each single instrument is projected clearly into a soundstage of nuances and fine details. You clearly hear the energy of any music form. The acoustics of the speaker fill the entire room with sound (without filling it with speakers) and draws you into the artist's universe.

SA saxo 70

It does something amazing with music. The first thing you notice is its convincing rhythmic feel of the music. You hear no imprecision. No uncertainty, but only sheer musicality. Voices stand with brilliant clarity and the sound of the music instruments comes with a finesse and authenticity that invites you into the music. SA saxo 70 is a loudspeaker that’s been created to entertain.

SA saxo sub 10

We have made the amplifier 2½ times more powerful and simplified the technical design, so we now offer an active subwoofer that sounds better without adding to the price. Use SA saxo sub 10 in your home theater, but also in your music system, if the sound requires raw bass power, clarity and feeling in the stomach.


The saxo smile


What does saxo stand for?

SA saxo is the best sound for the price. The name stands for "System Audio X-Over", because we transfer technologies and working methods from our luxurious speaker models to give you a top-class sound performance that money can actually buy.

Saxo offers:

  • Specially developed speaker units
  • Patentented acoustic lens technology
  • Focus on sound quality and testing procedures using test pilots
  • 7 years free warranty

The design is known for its characteristic "saxo smile".

Wireless award winners upgraded few months ago

The only speakers that have not been upgraded this time are the wireless and award-winning SA saxo 1 active and SA saxo 5 active.

They were recently upgraded with:


  • Automatic on/off function
  • Even better sound
  • More powerful amplifier

Most upgraded saxo speaker models can be delivered now

Ole Witthøft
Ole is the founder of System Audio. His 3 greatest passions are music, design and technology. Every day, Ole is working on some kind of projects, and you find him in the workshop, in the production, behind a computer or on one of his many presentations around the world.
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