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Model: SA mantra series

SA mantra 5

  Conclusion : The System Audio Mantra 5 fully meets the requirements of their developers to take the live experience of the music to the standard of playback. For their size, they sound amazingly sovereign and complete. Tonal they are designed for long-term listening, they act powerful and dynamic, which, in conjunction with their talents […]

SA mantra 5

  These little buggers stood out immediately. I must admit that Mantra 5 impresses, both in terms of finish and sound and with the relatively low price tag in mind. I find it difficult to imagine that at this price tag you can buy more rhythmic, homogeneously introduced music presentation than the Mantra 5 offers. […]

SA mantra 50

Rock´n Roll around the clock ! Conclusion: Mantra 50 is like its predecessor  - one of the most complete speakers, we have heard at its price-point, and in this test, only the Sonus Faber Venere at a much higher price, giving it a mention worthy competition. We would have liked the opportunity to bi-amp the speaker  via double speaker […]

SA mantra 70

Dynamic and fast. Conclusion: I liked Mantra 60, but is in fact a little more happy with the Mantra 70. The differences are how much life they give to the music, and how engaging and rhythmic they seem. Mantra 70 has an enthusiasm, a precision and a dynamic surplus that makes all music fun to […]

SA manta 70

A successful improvement As a whole, System Audio Mantra 70 is a successful improvement of an existing concept. SA continues its straight construction line and has got a top mid-fi speaker that fits like a glove to the versatile music listener who plays all kinds of music genres, who will have a "lively and  engaging" […]
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