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Model: SA legend silverback series
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SA legend 5 silverback

EISA WIRELESS LOUDSPEAKER 2020-2021 System Audio legend 5 silverback Danish company System Audio took an entirely logical approach with the legend 5 silverback speakers: they’re […]
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SA legend 5 silverback

"Romkorreksjon Løfter Lyden"
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SA legend 5 silverback

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SA legend 40 silverback

Wow, for en bassgjengivelse!
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WiSA certification of SA legend silverback

WiSA announces the certification of System Audio’s SA legend silverback speakers.
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Company portrait - Børsen

God gammeldags irritation blev til unikt højtalersystem
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SA legend 60 silverback

The headline says: SOPHISTICATED TRANSFORMATION and they talk about our loudspeakers with 3 lives (passive, active and wireless active) Danes don't lie, they say. In […]
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System Audio A/S
Klosterengen 137 L
4000 Roskilde. Denmark
CVR no. 13862788
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