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System Audio legend 5 silverback

Danish company System Audio took an entirely logical approach with the legend 5 silverback speakers: they’re active, with dedicated amplification for each drive unit, and become wireless when you add the full function Stereo Hub or third-party transmitter. Operation using WISA technology to avoid interference and carrying sound up to 192kHz/24-bit, the system can connect to a wide range of sources, from a digital connection from a computer to TV sound. It also has multiple streaming options, from DLNA/UPnP to GoogleCast, AirPlay and Bluetooth. It’s a beautifully elegant, and fine-sounding, wire-free music solution.

With their entirely unfatiguing
sound, my listening began to
resemble a kid at the pick and mix
counter, and regardless of track I
always found an attribute that made
me sit up and pay attention, be it
Adele’s mesmeric vocal in ‘Hello’, the
foot-tapping rhythm of The Hollies’
‘Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress’,
or the sweet but raspy harmonica in
Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’. And
while the clean, revealing nature of
the Legend 40s means they deserve
a diet of pristine recordings, even
a low-fi Spotify stream of Johnny
Winter’s rough-and-ready ‘Self-
Destructive Blues’ warranted a
thumbs up, with its blues solo given
authentic crunch and bite."

WiSA announces the certification of System Audio’s SA legend silverback speakers.

"We don’t recall a pair of speakers which charmed us so completely from the moment we played music through them"


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”Their Facebook page says, Cool Scandinavian loudspeakers and I have to agree”


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