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How we fooled our multinational competitors

Our wireless speaker is Product of the Year in the biggest Scandinavian test magazine. It is a great achievement that puts SA ahead of multinational competitors, that are a hundred times bigger than us with tens of thousands of employees. Here is our secret weapon.

It almost sounds crazy. The wireless speaker from a small factory in Roskilde (Denmark) sweeps the competitors off the table. Multinational brands you know from TV commercials, big chain stores and thousands of living rooms across the world must give in.
None of them have made ​​a wireless speaker better than ours.

Back in Roskilde we run around with our arms above our heads. But of course there is a serious aspect of the story. Something that explains how a small factory in Roskilde is able to beat the multinationals.

Here’s our secret weapon

The truth is, of course, that we don’t have more money or bigger heads than our gigantic competitors. But we have something else. The development of our wireless speaker began 4 years ago . We have worked hard to get it just right. During all that time when we were developing our wireless speaker, our big competitors had 6-8 models on the market that are all discountinued, now. It takes time to make an SA. Time is part of our secret.

We discovered that the speaker’s built-in amplifier is wildly important for the music experience. So instead of choosing a standard solution, we developed our own. We felt that we had to do it .

We are crazy about loudspeakers and it’s all we think about. When we develop a loudspeaker, we spend hours and days in the listening room to adjust the sound until it is just right. Not many others do this, but it really means a lot for the result.

Ole Witthøft
Ole is the founder of System Audio. His 3 greatest passions are music, design and technology. Every day, Ole is working on some kind of projects, and you find him in the workshop, in the production, behind a computer or on one of his many presentations around the world.
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