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How to get 50% better sound (without spending any money)

Here are 2 really good advice. They will give you better music experiences, they are easy to follow and they are free.

I have taken an acoustic measuring instrument into the living room and I will show you a chocking difference in sound when it comes to placing of loudspeakers.

Let me just say that these are differences you can easily hear.

A pair of cheap speakers, placed correctly, will actually give more music enjoyment than expensive speakers placed incorrectly.

It makes good sense to keep reading.

First, the technical aspect

To explain what I’m talking about, I will show you some acoustic measurements. It may sound complicated, but it is quite simple.

You will be surprised when you will see them.

Let’s get started.

The first measurement illustrates the original sound of the loudspeakers

The speaker in the experiment is SA saxo 1, but it could have been any speaker.

The first measurement shows the so-called frequency response (blue graph). It is smooth and without major fluctuations.

This is an indication of a really good loudspeaker.

Put the speakers on a shelf

The same speakers are now placed on the top of the bookcase about 50 cm above our ears.

Notice, how the sound has now become a disaster!

The bass is boomy (blue frequency response) and the spoken words of a person has become difficult to understand due to the colouration in the midrange.

Words are difficult to distinguish from each other.

The frequency response in the treble has some big fluctuations (due to the location of the speaker).

The location of the speakers makes you tired of listening to them.

Now, I´ve put the speaker by the floor

A quick look at the frequency response (blue graph) indicates that the good sound of the speakers is not good anymore.

Look at the large fluctuation in the bass. The sound is dark and murmuring and it is hard to understand what the singer sings.

The bass guitar sounds as if it has only two strings.

This is boring sound.

Don't place your speakers like this.

Now the speaker is at the same height as your ears (while seated)

Note that the speaker’s frequency response is now in much better balance.

The blue frequency response is smooth, the graph has fewer fluctuations and the sound is more balanced.

This means that the speaker will aound their best and at one point it is even better than the original factory measurement.

The bass is reproduced more linear (and better), when the speakers are closely surrounded by books.

This is because the large surface of the books will help the speakers give body and fullness.

The phenomenon has nothing to do with the books. Any large surface surrounding the speakers will work in this manner.

But the speakers should be designed for this in order to work properly.

Sådan får du 50 bedre lyd, uden det koster dig 1 krone

Never put the speakers close to each other

One of the best things about music is to experience the sound perspective.

Does it sound nerdy? ..... It does.

Most of us have no idea about what the sound perspective is.

We don’t notice it.

We don’t think about it.

We don’t know anything about it.

This is just exciting as reading a pension agreement.

But listen.

The sound image of the music occurs in the space between the two speakers. A small distance between the speakers will result in a small sound pesrpective, and this is quite annoying.

How important the sound perspective is

If you want to know how annoying it is when the sound perspective is not really there, just stuff a wad of cotton wool in one ear (just one ear).

You can no longer experience the spaciousness (stereo) and not being able to navigate by sound is wildly annoying.

In short: The sound perspective is important.




Speakers that are placed 2 – 3 meters from each other will create a sound perspective between them. It brings lightness, airiness and spaciousness to the sound.

Believe me, it is a delicious part of the experience.


2 important points

1. Speakers sound bad when they are not positioned at ear level

Fix this. It’s easy and free and makes you happier when you listen to music.


2. Fix the distance between your speakers

Try with 2-3 meters.


Speakers that are placed too close, make the music sound small.

You deserve better than that.

Enjoy .... please share this post! It may inspire more people

Ole Witthøft
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