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Finish: High gloss white

SA saxo 70

Great master of entertainment

It does something amazing with music. SA saxo 70 takes it off the stage and brings it to life and into the present moment. And whenever you want, it can play as loud as you could ever wish.

SA saxo 5 active

Oops …

We did it again

Create a wireless speaker that is better than the best. That was the challenge for SA’s design team. The task has been to surpass our own SA saxo 1 active. Loudspeaker of the Year in Scandinavia.

SA saxo 1 active

The first wireless speaker with great sound

SA saxo 1 active is created in love for music and great sound experiences.

SA saxo 8

Cool on-wall speaker that can be placed on a shelf

Place it on a shelf or hang it on the wall.

SA saxo sub 8

SA saxo sub 8 – small and effective

SA saxo sub 8 is really small and shaped like a cube with side dimensions of 27 cm.
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