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Finish: Black satin

SA saxo 70

Great master of entertainment

It does something amazing with music. SA saxo 70 takes it off the stage and brings it to life and into the present moment. And whenever you want, it can play as loud as you could ever wish.

SA saxo 30

SA saxo 30 – only 13 cm wide

The slim saxo 30 model is easy to place in the room where it works well in a music system or as front speakers in a good home cinema.

SA talent

Size doesn’t matter – talent does

You hear them long before you see them. Fascinated by the open, vivid and rich sound, you scan the room in search of a large pair of speakers.

TS1 Tablestand

Correct angle, better sound

What do you do if your centre speaker lies flat on your AV furniture, projecting great sound to your knees but not your ears? You buy the smart TS1 table stand and adjust the angle of your centre speaker.
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