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SA explorer

A real explorer respects no boundaries

Everyone can experience the benefit of really good speakers, because it's the quality of the speakers that determines how much you enjoy your system.
Explorer: a person who travels to unknown places in order to find out more about them

A real explorer respects

no limits
Go for the sound
The technological world is constantly developing new media for electronic entertainment in your home.
Established formats that have been improved over decades are being challenged by new technologies that are often driven more by what is technologically possible than by the will to create better quality. The unique loudspeakers from SA do not contain technologies that risk being forgotten tomorrow. Anyone can experience the benefit of really good loudspeakers, because it is the quality of the loudspeakers in particular that determines how much pleasure you get from your system.
Our speakers are not the cheapest and never will be, considering the resources we use to develop and manufacture them here in Denmark. On the other hand, they do not contain solutions that are just new - our speakers are designed for one purpose only: To convey the sound of music or movies in a way that delights and inspires our customers. Every single time they hear them.

Experiences you can't escape

SA explorer is the loudspeaker for you who want to treat yourself to top-class present sound experiences. The time you spend entertaining is precious and should grab you - whether you're in the mood for contemplation or pleasure.
SAexplorerWS infront of window
SA explorer is the loudspeaker for you who want to treat yourself to top-class present sound experiences

What will you experience today?

Your SA explorers offer superb sound quality, whatever challenge you give them. You can enjoy the delicate sounds and subtle expressions of jazz. You can experience the energetic provocations of rock, the physical experience of electronic music or the nuanced timbres of the symphony orchestra. SA explorer is unique in emphasizing the rhythm and contrast of music, so you always stay oriented when listening. At very low volumes, you hear every instrument clearly and SA explorer follows you even when the sound level approaches a live concert. Its exceptional versatility makes SA explorer an obvious choice for your home cinema. You understand every word the actors say. The mood of the film engages you like never before, and there's always plenty of room for powerful special effects.
SA explorer is more than a speaker. It's an invitation.

World-class know-how

15 specialised companies have contributed to the creation of SA explorer in their respective fields. When you want to set a new standard, it's no good following the traditional way of thinking, or imitating what others in the industry are doing. The development team behind SA explorer couldn't work like that. They know that real progress - what really makes a difference - can only be achieved by thinking further and breaking the boundaries we know today.

An acoustic masterpiece

Acoustics and technology merge in SA explorer, giving you an experience that may be the closest a speaker can bring you to the true live sound experience. The simple and clean lines of the design hide a powerful and advanced construction that has been developed from the ground up. From the very beginning, SA explorer was meant to impress with its performance, without making a showy appearance. SA explorer is the ambitious solution to the task of conveying top-class sound quality in balanced integration with your other furniture.

Acoustics - the invisible quality of the loudspeaker

Acoustics is one of the least visible sciences. But the presence of excellent acoustics liberates sound and gives you an extraordinary experience. Acoustic perfection is only one of our goals, and when we develop speakers, we start far from laboratories and measurement rooms. Our speakers are created to work in the homes of the people who choose to live with them. A number of the world's leading acoustic engineers have contributed in the 5 year work to develop SA explorer. It can be hard to see. But you can't help but hear it.

A sound spread made for a home - not a laboratory

In an ordinary home, both the floor and the ceiling are smooth surfaces, almost without refractions or variations. The walls, on the other hand, are lined with various pieces of furniture that shape the acoustics of the home. The flat floor and ceiling surfaces usually create a lot of reflections that make the sound unnatural, while the furniture in the room and along the walls create far fewer reflections - therefore the sound from SA explorer radiates less towards the floor and ceiling than you are used to from other speakers. In addition, the narrow design helps to prevent reflections from the front of the speaker, while the relatively deep cabinet prevents sound reflections from inside the speaker from propagating out through the diaphragms of the speaker elements. You can hear all this clearly, as the reduced reflections and excellent acoustics of the speaker help to give you a lifelike experience of being close to the performers.

A sound that's right in your ear

SA explorer can be placed exactly where you want it - although it pays to experiment with placement for optimal sound. And when you sit in front of the speaker, the sound is delivered right at ear level, giving you the experience of sitting right in front of the performers.

SAexplorerWS + exact system white

Acoustic perfection is only one of our goals, and when we develop loudspeakers, we start far from laboratories and measurement rooms.

The technical background

Specialists work together to deliver perfect sound

In SA explorer, the different components work together to reproduce the sound. Each component is specially designed to do its part: the actual bass tones are reproduced by four specially designed woofers, with the diaphragms under the influence of as many as eight built-in voice coils, ensuring lightning-fast and controlled low bass. The higher bass tones are reproduced by the same diaphragms - but only driven by one of each speaker's two voice coils. The midrange is reproduced by the two upper bass elements. And the highest notes in the audible range are reproduced by the custom-built tweeter. The deepest notes are emitted through two tubes at the rear of the cabinet - an ingenious and simple solution that takes advantage of the fact that the deep tones propagate like rings in water, and are therefore heard with equal clarity all around the speaker - even in front. Since the two tubes are located at the rear of the cabinet, their mechanical impact against the cabinet will be compensated by a corresponding impact from the bass elements at the front of the speaker, thus solving the traditional and complicated problem of vibrations in the cabinet caused by the forces of the moving parts.



Our membranes are made of processed natural materials due to
superior acoustic properties of these materials

Speed - the ability to inform

Sound is the most important thing in a speaker. But a loudspeaker works against the laws of nature in a way that no other device in a sound system does. In an amplifier, a DVD or a CD, the sound signal consists of electrons that are processed and moved quickly and precisely between the devices with almost no loss of important information. In a loudspeaker, sound is created by physically moving membranes that weigh far more than electrons. That's why speakers are the slowest device in the system, and working with speaker speed is vital to creating better sound. Each of the four diaphragms in the custom-built SA explorer woofers weighs just 0.9 grams - less than a quarter of an A4 sheet of paper! - and the cone for the explorer's special tweeter weighs just 80mg, 35% less than a standard tweeter cone. Because of the unique lightness of the membranes, SA explorer can respond incredibly quickly, revealing myriad exciting nuances in the sound.

The materials are part of the sound

Instead of following technological trends that change from one day to the next, System Audio A/S develops speakers using the most important "measuring instrument" in this context: the human ear. During the long development of the SA explorer, we have held careful listening tests and experimented with a myriad of different materials for our speaker cones. The result of all these tests is that our membranes are made from processed natural materials because of the superior sonic properties of these materials.


In the SA explorer cabinet we have placed 20 small blocks
damping material to create perfect acoustics

20 individual blocks of acoustic damping material

Inside the SA explorer cabinet we have placed 20 small blocks of damping material to create perfect acoustics. Each of them has its own task to perform inside the speaker, and together they optimize the airflow movements inside the cabinet and fend off standing waves.


We have carried out thorough studies and optimised the speaker's foot

Mechanical decoupling prevents vibrations in the floor

SA explorer is one of the only speakers in the world with a cabinet that is mechanically decoupled from the floor. We've done extensive research and optimised the speaker's base. Mechanical stability is crucial and by preventing vibrations from propagating to the floor, we avoid losing vital sonic information.


Better sound quality starts with a better speaker cabinet.
A stronger, more vibration-free cabinet that's sized acoustically correctly

Building SA explorer

The cabinet - the speaker's foundation

Better sound quality starts with a better speaker cabinet. A stronger and more vibration-free cabinet, sized acoustically correctly, gives the speaker elements better working conditions and thus more natural sound.


  • The SA explorer cabinet is built from MDF with a thickness varying between 18 and 58 mm
  • The interior design of the cabinet consists of a series of braces that optimize the acoustics inside the speaker and help the air flow around the cabinet to avoid compression or turbulence
  • On the front of the speaker, behind the removable plate with the SA logo, there is access to a separate sand chamber inside the speaker. By filling this built-in chamber with dry sand, you can achieve greater accuracy in all aspects of sound
  • The fabric frame protecting the speaker elements is rounded on the inside to avoid sound reflection
  • SA explorer is supplied with spikes and rubber feet for mounting under the speaker's base plate

SAexplorerCH (sand chamber)

SAexplorerCH (sand chamber) (2)

Access to sand chamber on front of speaker

Bass speaker SA W1404XL

The base elements introduce XL technology

Each W1404XL bass element features a new technology with two voice coils in the motor system instead of one. We call the technology XL technology because the sound is "extra large" and because excel means to master. These small bass elements have an almost incredible durability and precision because the different moving parts are molded together and not glued like in traditional bass elements.
  • XL technology utilises two voice coils in each bass element to reproduce the deepest tones
  • XL technology enables our bass elements to reproduce much deeper bass than bass elements with traditional technology
  • Membrane weight: 0.9 grams, equivalent to 25% of the weight of a standard piece of A4 paper
  • 12 mm stroke length (diaphragm migration)
  • Cast aluminium chassis
  • W1404XL bass element is magnetically shielded
  • XL technology only available in SA speakers


 Each W1404XL base unit features a new technology with two voice coils in the motor system instead of oneW1404XL-parts

SA T2506XS tweeter

The T2506XS tweeter is a acoustic masterpiece

Acoustics, precision engineering and musicality come together in the T2506XS tweeter, delivering a stunningly nuanced reproduction of sound detail. With a diaphragm weight of just 80mg, the near-transparent diaphragm is possibly the lightest ever made.
  • XS technology means that a wave guide around the tweeter controls the sound dispersion so that it doesn't reflect off the cabinet faceplate and edges. The wave guide is an advanced acoustic solution that directs sound waves away from obstacles - simplifying the tweeter's electronic circuitry for improved sound quality
  • XS technology also ensures that the tweeter radiates sound over a larger area than any traditional tweeter. You can move around, or sit in different places, and still experience consistent sound quality throughout the room. Conventional tweeters radiate the highest notes in a narrow beam, requiring you to sit directly in front of the speaker to get the full experience. XS technology increases the area in front of the speakers where you can experience optimal sound quality
  • A 12 mm cast aluminium faceplate provides a vibration-free foundation for the tweeter's delivery of information that can require precise diaphragm movements as small as 0.0005 mm!!
  • Unique textile membrane weighs only 80 mg - perhaps the lightest ever made
  • Built-in separate chamber behind the diaphragm
  • Resonances caused by the sound from the back of the membrane hitting the bottom plate of the magnet are eliminated by means of three small blocks of different material that can be seen through the almost transparent membrane
  • The T2506XS tweeter is magnetically shielded
  • XS technology only available in SA speakers


Acoustics, precision engineering and musicality come together in the T2506XS tweeter, delivering a stunningly nuanced reproduction of sound detail


Northeast cables used as internal cabling


Less can be more

In SA explorer, great effort has been made to ensure that the speaker elements and the acoustics of the speaker work so optimally that only a minimal crossover is needed to distribute the work between the speaker elements. In technology, it can be fascinating to be presented with a complicated solution, but in a loudspeaker, complexity means that the sound has to pass through multiple components, each of which removes signals and creates distance between you and the live sound.
  • The SA explorer partial filter contains only five (!) components through which the audio signal must pass
  • Northeast cables used as internal cabling
  • Speaker dimensions (WxHxD) cm 18 x 122 x 35.5
  • Load capacity 400 Watt
  • Frequency range 30 - 35.000 Hz (+/- 1.5 dB)
  • Impedance 4-8 Ohm
  • Finish black ash and white satin

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