Ole Witthøft

The audiophile Bluetooth speaker

Here's finally a Bluetooth speaker for the audiophile. It is built with all the attention to quality, materials and design that you associate with an audiophile product.

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SA air 1 is a convenient single speaker design that will easily find a place in any room.
The sound experience is a pure pleasure.  

We have:
Designed special drive units entirely for this speaker
Built in separate amplifiers for each drive unit 
Designed DSP to enhance and expand bass performance
Built in a good phono stage
Utilized a long-range Bluetooth antenna 
Made SA air 1 of wood

SA air 1 is made for people that appreciate amazing sound. If you already have a High End music system you will really like way SA air 1 entertain you.

SA air 1 can be your only source for sound. It's that good!

Stream music wirelessly from your smartphone. Use SA air 1 as a high quality soundbar. Use it with digital sources, connect your turntable and even charge your smartphone with it.
It's a complete entertainment system.

SA air 1 is built by music lovers ... you can hear it.

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Ole Witthøft
Ole ist der Gründer von System Audio. Seine drei großen Leidenschaften sind Musik, Technik und Design. Ole steckt immer tief in neuen Projekten und ist sowohl in der Modellwerkstatt, im Lager, am Computer und weltweit an wichtigen Schauplätzen aktiv.

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