SA saxo 50

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SA saxo 50

A powerful loudspeaker

SA saxo 50 deliver amazing sound quality for the economically concerned film- and music lover.

A slim floor standing speaker that easily fits in everywhere. Discover small nuances in the sound that you have never heard before. Enjoy a new and intense experience of the artists you love and rely on a loudspeaker that will bring sound to any home party when you want it to.

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Why it has four woofers

SA does not use large woofers, when we design a speaker to deliver big sound. We prefer to use several smaller ones and we have good reasons for it.

  • We control the sound. When several small woofers are positioned one above the other on a line, the speaker reduces the amout of sound that is directed towards the floor and ceiling. This is good news for sound quality.
  • We distribute the sound. Small woofers are better at covering the room with sound, compared to large woofers. Therefore, you can move freely in the living room, and enjoy great sound anywhere.
  • We create life-like sound. Speakers with lightweight membranes deliver more musicality and gives a feeling of being close to the music.
  • We improve your decor. Slim Speakers are easier to integrate to the living room. SA saxo 50 is only 13 cm wide.

Patent provides room-filled sound

A characteristic of the speakers in the saxo family, is the special DXT lens around the tweeter. The patented design fills the room with sound and the advantage of the DXT is clear. Try to walk around the room and enjoy that you can hear music clearly everywhere

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