We offer you a 7 year factory warranty

Advantages of registering your product:

You get a 7 year factory warranty from date of purchase
The extra factory warranty is free and doesn't commit you to anything
You can transfer the warranty if you should sell your SA speaker or other System Audio products
System Audio A/S keeps you updated on the status of your factory warranty via email
You are among the first to receive news from System Audio A/S

How to get the extra factory warranty:

You must register your product on this site.
Your SA speaker or other System Audio products, must be registered with System Audio within 6 months of your purchase.
The warranty can be obtained for the products that can be selected in the form.
The extra warranty is available on SA speakers which have not previously been owned by another user.
You must inform System Audio A/S of changes to your email address or other contact information during the warranty period.

What is covered by the warranty

System Audio offers you a 7 year factory warranty, commencing from the date of purchase on your receipt. The factory warranty covers returning the item to the nearest dealer, and does not include collection and delivery.
The warranty does not cover electronic circuits, wear and tear, misuse, incorrect connection, damage during transport resulting from poor packaging, professionel use, inadequate maintenance or if modifications have been made to the product.
The warranty is only valid on presentation of proof of purchase with information about the model and the serial number.

Transfer of warranty

You can transfer the warranty on the SA speakers or other System Audio products, on which you have the factory warranty.
System Audio must be informed of the new owner's name and email address. The transfer will only have taken place when the new owner has received confirmation of this from System Audio A/S.

If you have questions

If you have any questions about the factory warranty or your speaker, please contact us at: support@system-audio.com

7 year factory warranty

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