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On-wall speakers for people who love great sound

Forget about on-wall speakers solely as a design solution where sound is not a priority. We have created four elegant speakers to satisfy those who also love great sound.

For decades, on-wall speakers have been a solution for those who are not particularly enthusiastic about sound, but just want to listen to background music.

This is why they have been built as secondary products where only little attention has been paid to the sound quality.

We have changed that

We have created 4 on-wall speaker models in four price ranges. They are made for music and movie lovers who don’t want to compromise on sound.

We achieve incredible sound quality because we integrate acoustic thinking into the speaker's design.

All sound is directed in front of the speaker

One of the technical challenges of on-wall speakers is that all of the sound appears in front of the speaker.

In normal speakers, part of the sound is radiated around the speaker, but in an on-wall speaker the acoustics work differently because there is a wall, just behind the speaker.

We have worked with the acoustics of the speakers and adapted it to the special conditions that apply to wall placement.

This means that we have gained an important advantage.

Sound gets bigger

Our on-wall speakers sounds like they are almost twice the size than they are because we have worked with the acoustics and adapted the speaker to operate on a wall.

Send a mail if you want to know where to buy these speakers. We reply quickly.

The smallest SA saxo 6 has dimensions like a sheet of A4 paper, but it sounds like a much bigger speaker.

The SA saxo 16 sounds like a bigger floor speaker, although it is an elegant and slim speaker that does not take up much space on the wall.

SA legend 7 moves the boundaries of on-wall speakers with its large, effortless and natural sound.

It is at the same time the foundation of SA legend 7 silverback, which is a 3-way active and fully digital speaker with a sound quality in the absolute High End category.

SA legend 7 silverback can even be transformed into a complete wireless music system together with Stereo Hub, our wireless digital control unit.

The speakers do away with the traditional notion that wall on-wall speakers are just made for people who don't love great sound.

And there's more.

Too unique to label

All of the 4 speakers can be used in music systems or home theaters in combination with other speakers in the saxo, legend and legend silverback families.

And they can even stand alone.

All of the 4 wall speakers may operate as a center speaker, front speaker, rear speaker and even as ceiling speakers in a Dolby Atmos system.

They can be used anywhere in a home theater.

You can even build a complete home theater using just on-wall speakers, if you want.

They are prepared to hang both horizontally and vertically on the wall. There are wall brackets integrated on the back of each speaker.

The speakers all come in an exclusive white or black finish and the front grilles are available in both black and white.

Welcome to a world where amazing music experiences come from discreet speakers hanging on the wall.


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Don’t waste your money: Here is the trend you shouldn’t ignore

The digitalisation has moved entertainment online. However, only a few know that this development has given us better sound than ever before. Read this before you invest in new gear.

Music lovers have known for centuries that the good sound is best provided by a sound system with great speakers, amplifiers, cables, record players, CDs and so on.

The traditional sound system has, so to speak, had a patent on the good sound.

True music lovers have therefore had little faith in the quality which, i.e. the streaming services provide online.

The sound has simply not been good enough.

But the development is shifting in that area, and today more streaming services offer better sound than we have ever heard from vinyl or CDs. The standard is called 24/96, High Definition or Hi-Resolution.

That’s why the best sound is no longer solely provided by the traditional sound system.

Put differently: If you have yet to experience the sound of modern streaming, now is the time to do so.

What should you do, if you love vinyl?


Sell all your records?

Of course not!

People from KODA (Danish rights management society) say that roughly 500 million songs have been realised during times. The far most on vinyl.

The streaming services have 180 million at the most, so there is every reason to collect records and to have a record player in the home.

Even a new music nerd is faced with the risk of running out of music on the streaming services, simply because a lot of music is never released there.

That is why a music lover naturally has a record player in his collection – even in the digital age.

It’s just the thing about the sound


Lately, we have seen massive development in digital technology.

Today, the streaming services offer a sound quality 7-9 times better than vinyl and roughly 29 times better than when Spotify was introduced in 2007.

This should not be ignored if you like music, even if just a bit.

There is such a big difference that it can hardly be described in words.

It must be heard.

Now, add this knowledge


In recent times, digital technology has provided us with a standard for wireless transmission of sound.

It may not seem very sexy, but standards can something to which chaos is no match.

Just think of how practical it is that we agree about time, how long 1 meter is and the recipe for fuel for the car.

To have a standard for wireless transmission of top-of-class sound is indeed very practical.

The streaming services new and good sound quality can not only be downloaded on your phone, tablet, etc.

The good sound can also be transmitted between the different devices in your home.

To do this, your device must have a technology called WiSA (=24/96 quality).

WiSA compatible devices can transmit sound to each other without using cables and even in very high quality.

But remember to look for the WiSA logo, because not all brands use the technology.

Some brands are still developing their own standards to make the user only buy their products.

There is more still


The development of sound for speakers has to a greater extent been digitalised. That means that the data on the speaker’s sound is digital.

The advantages are, to be frank, fantastic:

It clears the way for the active digital speaker in which the amplifier has moved into the speaker itself along with a digital signal processor (DSP), where they together and without any loss or other negative effects can process the sound to make it just right.

It is a technology which breaks with the passive network, which limits the sound quality of a traditional speaker.

You can read more about that subject here.

The digital development, in other words, now allows for the sound to be transmitted digitally and without loss all the way from the studio to your speakers.

You have never had the chance to experience better sound quality than you can with active digital speakers.

But hey, what about my current gear then?


System Audio is the only brand which allows you to choose the pace at which you want to digitalise your home and enjoy the digital benefits.

You decide how far you wish to go. And you don’t risk spending money on something you don’t need.

You already have a good sound system? Then we recommend you getting the passive SA legend speakers. They can, later on, be upgraded to digital and active speakers.

You want the digital benefits now and also keep your current sound system? Then we recommend you the digital active SA legend silverback. They can be upgraded to active wireless speakers later on.

And if you want to get rid of the cables?


Buy the SA legend silverback speakers with Stereo Hub. With this solution, the speaker cables are replaced by a wireless WiSA transmission. Your record player, CD, TV etc. can be connected to the Stereo Hub and you can place the speakers and devices anywhere you like. You don’t have to worry about the cables for the speakers.

You have never had access to so much great sound as you do now. But the traditional sound system is no longer leading.

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