The most asked question about wireless audio is about the quality of the wireless signal.

Most people know Bluetooth and Wifi and they like to know how good our technology is compared to them.

The short answer is: We use WiSA.

It is a High End solution in wireless technology that is 29 times better than Bluetooth (!). WiSA is a format that delivers High Definition sound and it’s as robust as a physical connection.

The technology delivers (in other words) a much higher quality than the solutions most people know.

Think of WiSA as a really good cable, but without the hassle of having it in your room.

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This makes WiSA different

Before this gets too technical, I’d like to invite you to look at the photo below.

It shows an analysis of a wireless network.

On the left side you see normal Wifi.

It shows a lot of mobile devices, tablets and computers competing with each other to get enough bandwidth for themselves. Users will have to expect limited speed and  a lack of stability because of this.

On the right side you see a red peak. It is the WiSA signal for our wireless speakers.

This is interesting because:

• WiSA works far away from the hectic trafic of Wifi. Silverback speakers don’t compete with smartphones, computers etc. about the capacity of the network. WiSA is an exclusive communication channel
• There is (virtually) no other data traffic in the area where WiSA operates. This means that the connection is as robust as a physical cable, but without the hassle of having it in the living room

WiSA does'nt take away capacity from your Wifi

Silverback speakers don’t use your wireless network.

They create their own direct connection from the Stereo Hub (or a similar WiSA transmitter) directly to the Silverback speakers.

You can actually use wireless Silverback speakers, without having Wifi in your home. This is because the WiSA components create a direct connection between each other that does’nt involve Wifi.

For example, you can use your TV, turntable, radio or CD with our wireless speakers, without having Wifi in the house.

WiSA is available in many brands

WiSA is an industry standard.

It means that you may connect WiSA devices wirelessly to each other even if they don’t come from the same brand.

For example, a flat screen from LG connects to your Silverback speakers via a simple USB Transmitter or AVR because they all support WiSA. The same goes for your Xbox. Primare works with SA because both have WiSA.

The technology connects the speakers in a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater and the sound is sparkling clear with uncompressed, 24-bit, 96 kHz audio - all without the use of a single speaker cable.

The list of benefits goes on and on.

Today, 60 brands support WiSA and the number is constantly increasing.

There are good reasons to look for the WiSA brand, the WiSA Ready and the WiSA Certified logos when you're looking for top class wireless audio products.

See our products with WiSA here.

SA legend 40 silverback is Wireless Loudspeaker of the Year in Germany.

Here you see me proudly receiving the award in Munich on behalf of the System Audio team. What a wonderful day!

See the award here

See SA legend 40 silverback here

SA legend silverback speakers are certified by WiSA.

What is WiSA? Read it here

WiSA is intended to massively simplify music systems by doing away with speaker wires.

There was a time when being an audio enthusiast meant living with wires. Lots and lots of wires. That was the price you had to pay for quality audio, especially if you wanted a home theater system with true surround sound. Well, if WiSA (Wireless Speaker & Audio Association) has its way with your next music system could be virtually wire free.Well, except for the wires in your power cables.

Why you might want WiSA

For starters, WiSA systems supports up to eight channels of uncompressed 24-bit audio. It’s super-easy to set up, and it eliminates cable connections between components, leaving only the power cables to worry about.WiSA delivers super-low latency, too—latency being the time it takes for an audio signal to travel from a source to emanate from the speaker.

I’m not talking the 40-millisecond delay that’s considered low by the Bluetooth folks, but a mere 2.6ms at 96kHz sample rates (5.1ms at 48kHz), which is imperceptible to humans.

That means little to no compensation is required on the part of a TV or other audio device to keep audio in sync with dialog and on-screen action. That’s as great for watching movies as it is for playing video games on an Xbox or PlayStation.

Take a look at our SA legend silverback family. They are SA speakers with WiSA

What is exactly WiSA?

WiSA is an audio technology that establishes a discrete wireless local network exclusive to WiSA audio sources (TVs, receivers, video-game consoles, etc.) and destinations (speakers). It steers clear of with your Wi-Fi router and privately uses less-populated 5GHz frequency bands (with 24 RF channels available in the 5.1- to 5.8GHz spectrum) along with various techniques such as spread spectrum, error correction, and dynamic frequency hopping to avoid interference and maintain signal strength.

WiSA has a 25 meter range and supports 24-bit resolution with sampling rates of 44.1-, 48- and 96kHz without any compression or conversion.
It can handle other sample rates by up- or down-sampling the material if the playback device doesn’t handle that natively.

If you’re not familiar, the CD standard is 44,100, 16-bit samples per second, which delivers a noise floor that’s low enough that most users won’t hear digital noise, and a sampling rate that’s fast enough to capture and play back frequencies up to 22.05kHz—that’s well beyond the range humans can hear.

Supporting 24 bits delivers an even lower noise floor, and a 48kHz sampling rate takes care of supposed golden ears.

A 96kHz sampling rate is overkill in terms of capturing or reproducing frequencies (it can represent up to 48kHz waves): There’s hardly any recording equipment that will capture frequencies above 20kHz, and no listening equipment—i.e., your ears—that can hear it.

The higher sampling rate, however, does allow faster processing and gives you the lower 2.6ms latency I mentioned earlier.

Uncompressed audio

WiSA technology delivers audio directly to the speakers just as it was mastered in the studio – ​24 bit audio up to  96 kHz.  No compression, no compromise.

No drop outs

WiSA operates across the uncongested U-NII 5 GHz spectrum with up to 24 RF channels available. Compare that to only 3 non-overlapping channels in 2.4 GHz and 5 channels in 5.8 GHz.  More is always better.

Scalability built in

WiSA is designed to be easily scaled.  Start off with a stereo speaker system and at a later date add more speakers to upgrade your system to a 2.1, 3.1 or even 7.1 system.

Multi-channel goodness

8 channels of 24 bit high resolution audio (up to 96 kHz sample rates) are transmitted, supporting surround sound systems up to 7.1.

Better than CD quality

CD quality is 16-bit, 44.1 kHz.WiSA technology supports 24 bit, 96 kHz across all 8 channels, which means it can transmit Blu-ray movie audio exactly as it was mastered in Dolby Atmos, TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio.   But if CD quality is good enough for you, no problem – it can do that too.

DFS - Dynamic Frequency Selection

The WiSA system is constantly monitoring for clear channels.  When RF interference is detected, the system seamlessly switches to a  channel before you experience audio disruptions.  The transmitter coordinates with all the speakers to simultaneously jump in between audio samples without the listener hearing a thing.

Simple to set up

With WiSA you can have a music system up and running in under 30 minutes (including unpacking).  It is as simple as plugging in power, setting the speaker type at the speaker and pushing a button.

Take a look at our SA legend silverback family. They are SA speakers with WiSA


Avoid messy cables and save money. Stereo Hub has dropped in price and the savings naturally benefit our customers.

The price for Stereo Hub was before Euro 999.-. Now it costs Euro 699.- when you buy it separately.

If you choose to buy it with a pair of wireless active silverback speakers, the price is only Euro 399.-.

It means that the price of a pair of SA legend 5 silverback with hub comes down to Euro 3.048.-.

The price before was Euro 3.648.-

A pair of SA legend 40 silverback with Stereo Hub now cost Euro 5.398.- (Before: 5.999.-)


A pair of SA legend 60 silverback with Stereo Hub now costs Euro 8.198.- (Before: 8.798.-)

The prices on our website are being updated. You may see the old prices when you read this. We are busy updating our web page. New prices will be official soon.

People sometimes ask complicated questions, but here are some simple answers.

Stereo Hub controls your audio devices and connects them wirelessly to your Silverback speakers.

That's the brief explanation of what Stereo Hub is. But that's not all.

For example, if you If you want to protect the music's high quality (24/96) all the way from the music streaming service online all the way to the drive units of the loudspeaker, without ever passing through an analog circuit, the answer is:

Stereo Hub

If you want a digital signal transmission without loss and drop-outs to let you concentrate on the music (and not the technology), the answer is:

Stereo Hub

If you want to connect your TV to wireless SA speakers, the answer is:

Stereo Hub

If you want to stream music with Chromecast, Airplay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect without having all kinds of devices in your living room, the answer is:

Stereo Hub

If you want to avoid speaker cables in the living room, the answer is:

Stereo Hub

If you are tired of remote controls that you have to point directly at the device before they work, the answer is:

Stereo Hub

What I am trying to say is that Stereo Hub is very special.

There is no other hub (or any other device) that resembles it.

See Stereo Hub here

Stereo Hub is setup with the free Google Home app.

It means you get a free multi-room functionality.

Watch this short video to see how Google Home connects the devices in your home so everyone in the family is able to control and understand it.

Stereo Hub is designed for the digital and active SA legend silverback speakers. See them here

SA legend 40 silverback is Speaker of the Year in Germany.

It has led to spontaneous celebration scenes at our factory.

See the award here (PDF).

See the loudspeaker here.

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