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SA legend 40 silverback is Loudspeaker of the Year in Germany

SA legend 40 silverback is Speaker of the Year in Germany.

It has led to spontaneous celebration scenes at our factory.

See the award here (PDF).

See the loudspeaker here.

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Wireless SA speaker top tested in Germany

SA legend 60 silverback scores 95 points (out of 100) in German test magazine and is the only wireless speaker in the High End category.

The German AUDIO magazine has just released a review of SA legend 60 silverback.

The words SOPHISTICATED TRANSFORMATION in the headline indicate that the speaker has 3 lives, as they call it.

It can be upgraded from:

* Passive to active
* Active to wireless active
* Wireless active (stereo) for wireless active 7.1 home theater with uncompressed audio

Bass at amazing 11 Hz !!

The magazine is impressed by the specification about the frequency response going down to 17 Hz (active version).

Therefore, the magazine makes a control measurement in their own laboratory.

The measurement shows a frequency response down to amazing 11 Hz and the reviewer noted: Dänen lügen nicht, Danes don’t lie.

Read the test

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Here is a technology that improves life for music lovers

What is the biggest problem for music lovers when it comes to sound?


What would create an audible difference for all of us who love music?

* Better cables?

* Cleaner power?

* Lower distortion?

Not any of them. We agree that these topics may be important.

But they are not the most important

There is a problem that is much bigger. In the industry, we never talk about it, because it is complicated to solve.

The problem is this:

People listen at too low volume. We listen at too low volume when we hear music.

The challenge is that our ears are not able to hear all the instruments when we play at low volume.

We do that 95% of the time

That means that we never hear:

* The two deep strings on the bass guitar

* Everything the pianist (or keyboard player) plays with the left hand

* The three big drums in the drum kit

It's a big part os the music! And a real challenge for anyone who loves good sound and music.

People can hear 10 octaves, but we only hear 6 of them when we play at low volume.

In a traditional music system with passive speakers we can´t solve the problem no matter what the system costs or how it's made.

We can only recommend people to play enough to activate their ears.

We can’t solve the problem with active speakers unless we analyse the speaker’s acoustics, and then tailor-fit an amplifier to match human hearing. And that's quite complicated.

So that’s what we did

The new SA saxo active has a function called Adaptive Bass. You activate it on the back of the speaker and you hear the whole music when you play at low volume.

It's a great experience and a real improvement that any music lover will enjoy.

Buy SA saxo active today.

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New wireless speakers: Now, it gets easy to be a music lover

The most important testmagazine in the Nordic countries elected our wireless speakers “Best Speaker of the Year”. Now the 2nd generation is here to give you even bigger experiences.

The new SA saxo 3 active and SA saxo 7 active bring you the authentic and musical sound, for which we are renowned at System Audio. Together with your smartphone they are also a complete, wireless music system. The speakers and your smartphone are all you need to play your music in super quality.

Imagine this: You’re just coming home from work or a run with your favourite track playing in your headphones. You step through the door, unplug the headphones from your phone and, a few seconds later music flows from your SA speakers and fills the room with a big and rich sound that you can’t even believe such speakers are capable of.

The only thing you need to do is to adjust the volume to your mood.

The new wireless SA saxo 7 active is a complete music system

Easy to live with

Our two new wireless speakers are created for you who wants to live and listen. You live an active life and you appreciate when things function in the right way.

You don’t need to sit and listen “seriously” to notice the details of the music. As an entirely new feature of the speakers, we built them to provide fantastic sound even when you move around your home, have a lovely time with kids and friends, cook, or have a party.

You don’t even need to have bring the phone to change the music. The speaker's remote control automatically connects to your phone, so you control the music experience from there.

It’s so easy that you need to try it to believe it.

SA saxo 3 active deliver big sound and it's easy to place


Great sound experiences from all your media

Great sound is – and has always been – our DNA and lifeblood. Over time, we have developed many unique solutions to create dynamic and rich sound from the small speakers that are easy to live with in your everyday life.

With SA saxo 3 active and SA saxo 7 active, we did it again.

The built-in amplifier is newly developed and has a so-called adaptive bass, which makes the bass notes naturally audible even when the volume is turned down. This is a unique feature for the new speakers, and it will give your music experiences an extra boost.

If you wish to, you can also connect a CD or record player, DAB+, PC/tablet (wirelessly) or even your TV. Here, you will get an incredible sound with no limits.

The drive units themselves are also specially developed for the new speakers. We don’t want to talk your head off with the technical specifications, but among other things, the tweeter have a patented acoustic lens, which distribute the sound and this is the reason why you can enjoy impressive sound quality in the entire room.

Left: SA saxo 3 active. Right: SA saxo 7 active. The remote control is included with both


See and hear our wireless news

Our speakers are in an entirely different league than the mega store’s plastic speakers. That’s why you’ll only find them in places where people love great sound. Here you can seek out the speakers that suit your ears and your home interior.

Try lifting them – you’ll immediately notice the quality. See their beautiful finish. Listen – it’s amazing how well they play.

And when you come back home with your new wireless SA speakers, they are easy to place discretely on a shelf or mount onto a wall… After that, it’s just to turn up the volume and enjoy life and the sound for many years to come.

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