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Breaking: Lower price on Stereo Hub means cheaper wireless audio

Avoid messy cables and save money. Stereo Hub has dropped in price and the savings naturally benefit our customers.

The price for Stereo Hub was before Euro 999.-. Now it costs Euro 699.- when you buy it separately.

If you choose to buy it with a pair of wireless active silverback speakers, the price is only Euro 399.-.

It means that the price of a pair of SA legend 5 silverback with hub comes down to Euro 3.048.-.

The price before was Euro 3.648.-

A pair of SA legend 40 silverback with Stereo Hub now cost Euro 5.398.- (Before: 5.999.-)


A pair of SA legend 60 silverback with Stereo Hub now costs Euro 8.198.- (Before: 8.798.-)

The prices on our website are being updated. You may see the old prices when you read this. We are busy updating our web page. New prices will be official soon.

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