50% more power for SA legend 40 silverback (and 40.2)

50% more power for users of the award-winning SA legend 40 silverback (and 40.2).
All you have to do is download a file and install it in your speakers.
The file upgrades the electronics and sends you into 2021 with 50% more power in the speaker. The upgrade is created for SA legend 40 silverback (and 40.2). You can look forward to hearing your present! It takes only 30 seconds to install.
Download RAM TWEAK 532 for SA legend 40 silverback (and 40.2)Video manual for installation
More exciting news on the way
This marks the presentation of RAM TWEAKS.
RAM TWEAKS are digital sound adjustments that you download from the internet. They are created for Silverback speakers and allow you to play with sound in ways that has not been possible before.
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