Here's finally a Bluetooth speaker for the audiophile. It is built with all the attention to quality, materials and design that you associate with an audiophile product.

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SA air 1 is a convenient single speaker design that will easily find a place in any room.
The sound experience is a pure pleasure.  

We have:
Designed special drive units entirely for this speaker
Built in separate amplifiers for each drive unit 
Designed DSP to enhance and expand bass performance
Built in a good phono stage
Utilized a long-range Bluetooth antenna 
Made SA air 1 of wood

SA air 1 is made for people that appreciate amazing sound. If you already have a High End music system you will really like way SA air 1 entertain you.

SA air 1 can be your only source for sound. It's that good!

Stream music wirelessly from your smartphone. Use SA air 1 as a high quality soundbar. Use it with digital sources, connect your turntable and even charge your smartphone with it.
It's a complete entertainment system.

SA air 1 is built by music lovers ... you can hear it.

SA Cockpit is a revolutionary and simple App that turns your smartphone into a control center for Stereo Hub and your wireless SA legend silverback speakers.

SA Cockpit gives you access to the innovative SA products connected to your network.

The app contains:

• Remote control with volume control, input selector, on / off, etc.

• Control over speakers and sound in multiple rooms

• Playing music from your streaming service

• Setting up 2 to 8 Silverback speakers in a music system or home theater with Dolby Atmos

• Room correction with SA Room Service, which adapts the sound of the speakers to the acoustics of the room

• Manual equalizer, that allows you to fine-tune the sound exactly the way you want it

• Service function that wirelessly connect speakers and remote control

* Automatic diagnosis of your system if you need help

Integration of all functions

Together with your smartphone, SA Cockpit gives you full control over all functions of your wireless music system. You don’t have to search for your remote control, because it is already in SA Cockpit. If you want to hear music in another room, just use SA Cockpit to move the sound. You can play music from your streaming service through the SA Cockpit, optimize the sound to the acoustics of your room and fine-tune it with the manual equalizer. Setup of the complete system is simple with SA Cockpit, and if you need help it can send a status report at your command to our service department, without you having to do more.

Great digital benefits

SA Cockpit is a look into the future of equipment design. Previously, we would buy a new device to get new functions, but it requires both physical materials and transportation to create the new device and it is no longer necessary to think that way. Nor is it justifiable. In our digital universe, possibilities are not limited by the physical world. SA Cockpit performs more different tasks than any physical product, but does not use the resources of our planet in terms of materials and transportation to become available to you. It is upgradable and any new advancement will instantly benefit all users. The sound is treated with the utmost care in our digital world, and we are passionate about delivering the experiences the way the artists have intended.

For Android, the App requires a specific wireless microphone to perform room correction. We'll get back with more information about availability.

Find SA Cockpit in AppStore

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From January 2022, we deliver Stereo Hub and remote control in silver finish.

The product remain unchanged, but there is an SA logo on both the hub and remote control ... and it comes in a new silver finish.

Early January, we will automatically update all Stereo Hubs to make them ready for our new app, SA Cockpit.

The plan is to make SA Cockpit available in January, first in AppStore (iOS) and later in Google Play (Android).

I'm not sure when we can provide the wireless microphone for performing room correction with Android phones but we are working on it.

See Stereo Hub in silver finish on our YouTube channel

In January, all Stereo Hubs will be automatically updated to become Cockpit Ready.

The sound sets new standards and the speakers have many connectivity options. They are built to last and use very little electrical power.

We have high ambitions with our new family of powerful Bluetooth speakers, we call Air. They are made for music lovers and we have paid special attention to the sound experience.

The speakers are built of wood and we have designed special drive units only for these speakers to make the sound as lifelike as possible. The Air technology platform inside the speaker consists of up to 4 powerful digital amplifiers with built-in 32-bit floating point processors that deliver the sound in high resolution and without loss.

If terms like ‘32 -bit floating point ’seem a bit unusual in a Bluetooth speaker, you’re right!

Air is built of the best we have ... and at a level you don’t see every day.

You also find the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, so you can stream music, radio and podcasts from your smartphone without any hassle.

Connect a turntable to Air and enjoy that we have selected components of the best quality to the dedicated phono input to give you the best sound.

Upgrade the sound from your TV by connecting it to Air. Use the speaker's optical and analog inputs to listen to music from CD, computer, etc.

The speaker can charge your smartphone and we have made the Air technology upgradeable so it can always be updated with our latest knowhow.

Connect a subwoofer or another Air speaker to use it in another room.

Air is created to be the connection point for all of your sound experiences and its solid construction means that it will be the in the center of your party without complaints.

The 100% digital speaker uses only 0.5 watts in standby and we provide a 7-year factory warranty.

Air speakers are available from February, 2022

Technical specifications – SA air 1

Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 29.5 x 17 x 16.3

Recommended placement: Shelf, table, bookcase

Frequency range: 45 – 25.000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)

Available finishes: Walnut (w. black and white front grille) or brushed black (w. grey and black front grille)

Built-in amplifiers: 2 x 90 Watt (180 Watt peak) 2-way active

Stand by power: 0.5 Watt

Remote control: Yes


Bluetooth 5.0 (16 bit / 48 kHz)

Phono (RIAA)

2 x digital optical


Line in – analog (RCA)

Aux – analog (3.5 mm minijack)


Sub out – analog (RCA) for active subwoofer or extra Air-speaker

For passive SA air 1 speaker (not yet available)

Inside the box: One speaker, two front grilles in different colors, white power cable (1.8 m), 4 x rubber feet, remote control, batteries

Price: Euro 630.-

Technical specifications – SA air 9

Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 16 x 28.5 x 23.2

Recommended placement: Shelf, table, bookcase, speaker stand or wall (with W.5 wall bracket)

Frequency range: 40 – 25.000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)

Available finishes: Walnut (w. black front grille), Black satin (w. black front grille) and White satin (w. white front grille)

Built-in amplifiers: 4 x 90 Watt (180 Watt peak) 2-way active, four power-DACs with DSP

Stand by power: 0.5 Watt

Remote control: Yes


Bluetooth 5.0 (16 bit / 48 kHz)

Phono (RIAA)

2 x digital optical


Line in – analog (RCA)

Aux – analog (3.5 mm minijack)


Sub out – analog (RCA) for active subwoofer or extra Air-speaker

To secondary speaker with 5.5 meter interconnect cable (white)

Inside the box: Two speakers with front grilles, White power cable (1.8 m), White interconnect cable (5.5 meter), remote control, batteries

Price: Euro 1.050.-

By the end of October, SA legend 5.2 silverback and SA legend 60.2 silverback will be available in a beautiful walnut finish. We have manufactured a limited number of speakers in this nice finish so don't wait too long if you like this beauty. SA legend 40.2 silverback will be ready in walnut in December.

Send a mail to for price and delivery time.

30 editors-in-chief from test magazines all over the world have cast their votes and our legend 40.2 silverback came out as world's Best wireless floorstanding speaker.

We have won because we've made life easier for music lovers.
We've digitised the speaker and made it wireless.

We’ve removed the demand for having any other equipment. All you need is the speakers.

We've put room correction into our product and made it possible for the speaker and the room acoustics to work together.

We’ve made it possible for the user to tweak the sound to their own taste and made the speaker upgradedable every time technology moves in a new direction.

This speaker saves up to 80% electrical power compared to a normal HiFi system and it requires only a few of the planet's resources to build.

Here are the last words from the editors: 'The most impressive of all is this wireless’ speakers compelling sound, which majors on resolution, bass power and a fine grasp of rhythm'.

Sound lovers know that there is a dilemma in choosing between small and well-built 2-way speakers and big multi-way speakers.
Big speakers have deeper bass, they sound cleaner and they play louder.
But there is something magical about small well-built 2-way speakers. They are often more musical than the big ones.
Music flows more vividly.
It is a well-known dilemma among sound lovers that when choosing large speakers, you wave goodbye to the engaging sound you know from a well-built and small speaker.
The upgrade of SA legend 40.2 silverback solves this challenge.
The tool is time-alignment. The upgrade ensures that each frequency leaves each drive unit at just the right time, so that all sounds reach the listener's ears at the same time.
The sound is in focus, so to speak.
It is like looking through binoculars that are perfectly focused. You appreciate it instantly and that is the advantage, with small well-built speakers.
Due to perfect time-alignment at all frequencies, the upgrade of the SA legend 40.2 silverback creates the ideal combination of big sound and engaging musicality.

The sound is a truly unique experience.

Read about RAM TWEAKS.

SA legend 40.2 silverback is now available in an upgraded version. You can upgrade the speakers yourself. It's free and easy.

New digital technology has opened the possibility of improving the sound of the award-winning speaker.

Now, the sound is even more open. Music is portrayed even more life-like. It's easier to hear each single instrument and the speaker is able to play louder.

The new version of SA legend 40.2 silverback is available now.

Upgrade speakers yourself

All SA legend 40 silverback (and 40.2) speakers can be upgraded to the new version. It's free and you can do it yourself.

How to do it:

There is a manual and a small video ready to help.

Upgrading is easy and you can look forward to hearing the result.

It's pretty impressive, we think!

The speaker can have seven different sound profiles

New possibilities in digital technology mean that we can better match the speakers acoustics in your living room.

That's why we invented our revolutionary RAM TWEAKS.

They are sound optimizations that you download and install in your speakers.

The new audio profile for SA legend 40 silverback (and 40.2) is called RT200x but there are six other RAM TWEAKS to choose from.

Some of them sound warmer than RT200x but you can also get a more analytical sound.

This type of audio profile is normally suited to a room with well-controlled acoustics.

RAM TWEAKS with a low number generally sound warmer than those with a higher number.

Tweaks with a higher number sound more analytical than those with a low number.

You have to experience this with your own ears.

It's all about finding the tweak that has the right balance for you. Change RAM TWEAKS as often as you like.

More RAM TWEAKS on their way

RAM TWEAK is a revolutionary simple and effctive way to adjust the sound of the speakers in your living room.

More tweaks are on the way for more Silverback models.

Read about RAM TWEAKS.

SA legend 40.2 silverback

Enjoy music in the best audio quality, without having your living room invaded by cables and equipment and without spending a fortune.

Until now, you have only had one way to enjoy music in the best audio quality in your home: To own an expensive music system with exotic equipment, custom-built cables and special loudspeakers.

Now, there is a new way to great music experiences. It's simple, easy to live with ... not to mention: cheaper than a High End music system.

Digital, wireless speakers from System Audio

SA legend silverback is a family of digital, wireless speakers and a technological breakthrough.

Now you just need a smartphone, a pair of wireless speakers and a small digital control unit to experience your favorite music in amazing High Definition quality.

You don't need anything else to get top-class music experiences.

You no longer need an amplifier, different music sources or speaker cables.

Two speakers and a small digital control unit is all you need.

A solution with SA legend silverback is significantly cheaper than a High End music system and you even save up to 80% power.

SA legend 40 silverback has been awarded Product of the Year in Norway, Wireless Speaker of the Year in Germany and it has won the respected Diapason d'Or in France.

SA legend 5 silverback has won the prestigious EISA Award for Best Wireless Speaker.

Everyone in the family can use them

Any member of the family can operate a music system with SA legend silverback. You only need your smartphone or tablet to play music, radio or whatever you like. It’s all you need. You don’t need to learn to operate a new user interface.

Stream your music with Chromecast from your Android or with Airplay from your Apple. Both technologies are already integrated into your smartphone and provide better sound quality than CD.

You can also stream using Bluetooth or Spotify Connect, which are both easy to use.

All these technologies are already built into this system.

Many connectivity options

Even though the world's entertainment has moved to the internet, we are still a lot of music lovers who like our vinyl records and CDs or enjoy high resolution music from the computer or our own server. All these formats require audio that is transmitted through a cable.

Here, Stereo Hub is the digital control unit that acts as the meeting point for all devices that use a cable.

As a result, you do not abandon traditional audio formats when upgrading to digital and wireless speakers.

You get more out of them than ever before.

Stereo Hub also receives audio from your TV, so you can enjoy the excellent sound of the speakers when watching TV or streaming movies.

You can use all this:

Music is important. Equipment is not

Stereo Hub does not have to be in a visible place. You can hide it away if you want.

The remote control works with radio frequencies and you do not have to point with it to control the sound.

You can stay up to 20 meters away from Stereo Hub (and in a completely different room) and still adjust the volume, etc.

Stereo Hub connects to your network using the Google Home app the first time you connect it.

In this way, your SA legend silverback becomes an integrated part of your smart home, where you for examples control the light, ventilation, entertainment systems etc. in all your rooms.

With Google Assist, you can operate the system with your voice.

All SA legend silverback speakers are prepared to be part of a wireless 7.1 home theater with uncompressed 24/96 High Definition audio quality if you want.

All of these options allow you to experience music and movies the way you want and with amazing sound quality.

If you already have an analog music system but would like to upgrade to Silverback technology sometime in the future, you can buy the speakers in the passive version called SA legend.

They are built to operate in your analog music system and can be upgraded to Silverback later.

SA is the only brand that allows this transition from traditional to new technology.

A little about the background of SA legend silverback

Today, we can stream music from our smartphones in a higher quality than we've ever experienced through any physical media.

Hundreds of millions of songs are available through streaming services and several of them deliver the music in a higher quality than both CD and vinyl.

The internet and our wifi can fully transport all the data required for the whole music to arrive to its full extent at home in our living rooms.

We only needed a technological upgrade of the traditional analog equipment, speakers and cables to get the full experience of the music.

SA legend silverback is that upgrade.

The biggest technological breakthrough in audio in 40 years

Great audio experiences have previously been for those who were willing to pay a lot of money for a High End music system.

The combination of equipment in a High End system require (except for money) a lot of knowledge and desire to test ex. different cables to determine their influence on the sound.

Hifi afficiados have always known that these experiments would only result in a good compromise, because the perfect cable does not exist. Finding a compromise is the whole idea (and the big limitation) when it comes to analog technology.

Digital technology is more uncompromising.

Digitalization such as SA legend silverback is the biggest upgrade in audio quality in 40 years.

No other technology has brought such a big improvement in sound quality, usability and price.

People who love great sound have been waiting for this moment since we started recording music digitally in the 80s.

Now you can experience it all with your own ears.

See the entire SA legend silverback family of wireless speakers

RAM TWEAKS are sound optimizations that you download from the internet and install in your speakers. You get the opportunity to adjust and trim the sound in ways that have not been possible before.

The technology in our digital Silverback speakers makes it possible to customize the sound in completely new ways.

RAM TWEAKS are digital files that optimize the sound with a variety of advanced technologies.

Music lovers are familiar with tweaks in analog music systems, where a new cable or amplifier can improve the sound.

Digital tweaks are far more effective and create greater audible differences than tweaks in analog music systems.

You can make the sound bigger and the bass deeper than you've ever heard before. You can make the sound stage more precise. You can optimize the speaker's acoustics if it’s placed close to a wall and you can adjust the sound to the acoustics of your room.

There are many options.

Welcome to a world where you can optimize your music experiences to an extent that has not been possible before.

RAM TWEAKS are free and easy to use.

Update with the latest knowhow

A Silverback speaker has an advanced built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that processes the audio signal and keeps track of all aspects of the sound.

The advanced DSP is an important component of the digital speaker and new technologies are constantly being developed for DSPs.

At System Audio, we want to give you the opportunity to update your music experiences with the latest technology advances.

That's why we invented RAM TWEAKS.

Now you can keep your speakers updated with our latest knowhow and the best sound.

But technology alone does not create a great digital speaker.

Technology can’t stand alone

A truly musical and engaging speaker is more than just technology. The hand-built Silverback drive units are built as a craft with great precision.

We can't design a great digital speaker unless we have a superior analog speaker to begin with.

The sound of the speakers and their interpretation of the music is the result of our expert work together with our listening panel. We have created and shaped the sound of the speaker.

Therefore, when you experience the sound of an SA speaker, it is not only the technology you hear. You also hear the result of talented people's passionate sense of sound.

In this respect, RAM TWEAKS is a fascinating tool.

Choose from several ideal solutions

The sound in your room is the result of a teamwork between the acoustics of the speaker and the acoustics of your room. In the bass, we have SA Room Service to create a well-balanced sound, but in other frequencies a different tool is needed.

Some rooms have lots of furniture, others have a few. Some rooms have a warm and friendly sound, while others sound harsh.

That's why we have different RAM TWEAKS for the same speaker.

All RAM TWEAKS are created as ideal solutions, but one of them will fit you and your room perfectly.

These differences are not small

They are big. Tweaks in analog music systems are often so small that only a few can hear them.

RAM TWEAKS takes control and adjusts the sound without coloring the sound or losing quality.


RAM TWEAKS influence the structure of the sound. The experience of lightness and clarity. The quality of sound when you play at low volume. The energy of the music and rhythmic drive.

Every single tweak has been thoroughly tested. It is built on evidence and documented in a way that far surpasses tweaks in analog music systems.

You are free to choose from the tweaks available to your speaker. You can choose another if a tweak does’nt suit you.

You can change RAM TWEAK in your speakers as often as you like.

We've presented five RAM TWEAKS for SA legend 5.2 silverback (and 5 silverback) and seven RAM TWEAKS for SA legend 40.2 silverback (and 40 silverback).

In the coming months, we will present RAM TWEAKS to the other Silverback speakers. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the news.

We now supply Stereo Hub with a nice remote control in aluminium.

Price of Stereo Hub remains the same.

New features

* Disable Bluetooth. Press PREV and NEXT simultaneously for Bluetooth ON/OFF

* Fixed volume on each input. Choose input and set volume to desired level and press mute for 3-5 seconds. Volume is fixed. Fixed volume may be cancelled the same way (ex. the USB Audio input)

Room correction is possibly the biggest upgrade you can make to your music system. After all, great loudspeakers only show their full potential when adapted to the room.

Your room and its shape are critical to the sound you hear in it. Furniture, floors and walls reflect and color the sound in the room before it reaches your ears.

This means that you not only hear the sound from your speakers and your music system when you listen to music.

You also hear how the acoustics in your room affect the sound.

The room has a great influence on the sound

For example, if a loudspeaker is placed close to a wall, the bass will sound twice as powerful compared to a placement away from the walls.

The same loudspeaker has 6 times as much bass when placed in a corner.

The room's acoustics also influence some frequencies so you never hear them. Some notes simply disappear.

This means that the sound we experience when we listen to music can be quite far from the sound on the recording.

In other words, we hear a changed and colored version of the music when we hear it through a music system.

It applies no matter what kind of music you hear and how much money you have spent on your music system. It also applies no matter how loud (or how low) you play.

In other words: The loudspeakers' interaction with room acoustics limits how good sound quality you hear.

And next: A good music system will give you good music experiences.

What you can do about it

Professional recording studios are furnished with acoustic panels on walls and ceilings to minimize the impact of the room acoustics, but few of us want to live that way.

If you don't to install acoustic panels on the walls, there is only one way to go to upgrade the sound experience in your room.

It's room correction.

Until now, it has been difficult and expensive to get room correction in a music system, and it has stopped many from getting it.

Now, digital technology makes it possible to apply room correction in an easy and simple way, so you don't need to spend a fortune to get this upgrade.

You only need a smartphone.

We have created SA Room Service. A simple and ingenious App that measures the acoustics of your room, calculates a room correction and upgrades the sound.

SA Room Service is created for users of our digital SA legend silverback speakers and Stereo Hub.

It is a revolutionary innovation that sets a new standard compared to traditional analogue music systems.

Read about SA Room Service here.

Brochure about SA Room Service

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