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An audiophile on-wall speaker! Are we serious?

Absolutely. 100 %. We think that on-wall finally deserve to be considered as an audiophile format.

A common notion among audiophiles who dismiss on-wall speakers is that speakers need to be positioned well out into a room in order to get big, spacious sound. But that kind of thinking misses the point. On-wall speakers can be an excellent option if you don’t want to dedicate your living room to a hi-fi or home theater audio system, but expect dynamic and enveloping sound.

Together with digital technology, on-wall speakers can actually provide some compelling benefits that audiophiles will appreciate.

We present SA legend 7.2 silverback – an active audiophile on-wall speaker.

Placing speakers on a wall offers some obvious benefits. The speakers don’t take up space on the floor and in many living rooms it is easier to find an optimal position for the speakers on the wall.

An active and digital on-wall speaker like the SA legend 7.2 silverback also has benefits regarding the sound.

· The wall behind the speaker increases output of the bass by 6 dB. This means that we can tailor the speaker’s response exactly to match the wall placement and achieve twice as much dynamic headroom. This benefit is not available with traditional speakers

· On-wall speakers are not challenged by the so-called boundary effect that occurs when a loudspeaker is 60 cm or more away from a rear wall. The boundary effect causes irregularities in the sound as a result of reflections from the wall behind the speaker

· Custom-built drive units and built-in amplifiers controlled by digital signal processors create a bass so deep that it far exceeds the physical dimensions of the speaker

· Built-in dynamic equalizer ensures that you hear the bass even when the speaker is playing at low volume

· Room correction in the SA Cockpit app ensures that the speaker’s acoustics work together with the room’s acoustics and not the other way around

· Manual EQ in SA Cockpit allows you to fine-tune the sound exactly the way you want it

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An audiophile on-wall speaker! Are we serious? | SA

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