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A loudspeaker's secret: How we create engaging sound

SA mantra 5 has an invisible feature. A special recipe that explains why it sounds more engaging than other small speakers.

You can’t see this feature, but you can hear it.

It makes it easy to follow the beat of the music. Drums sounds more precise. You hear the instruments clearer.

The bass has more Oomph

I am talking about the speaker’s Qts. The technological way to describe the speaker's bass sound.

Bass in a loudspeaker may sound thin, slow, musical etc. and it is all about Qts.

You will not find Qts in the technical specifications on loudspeakers. Therefore, people should always compare sound when they compare loudspeakers.

Note the engaging sound next time you hear SA mantra 5

What is Qts?

It is a characteristic in a loudspeaker. Qts describes how well a loudspeaker controls its movements.

Mechanical characteristics of the loudspeaker are part of Qts, and hence its ability to set the music free.

The motor system (magnet and voice coil) controls the speaker. It has a great influence on Qts, too.

You will not find Qts among the technical specifications, but it is very audible.

Always listen to a speaker before you buy it.

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